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CLAN WAR CAMPAIGN Jan 16 - 26 2020

Aims: The Campaign will be very competitive so we will not realistically be able to challenge for the very top positions and rewards but there are plenty of other very good rewards and we aim to succeed such that the Clan and participants gain very good rewards. We have previously finished in the top third of clans.

Tier: Tier X

Team: 15 vs 15

Where: Teamspeak Campaign Room

When: We will fight every night during the period

Time: First battle 7pm UK/8pm CET (assemble for briefing 15 minutes before). Timings may alter, see the TS panels in Lobby/Lounge for details. Initially, first battle 7pm, second battle 8pm. Others to suit.

Tanks: As required by the FC for guidance see preferred tank list in Teamspeak Team Training Lobby, Tier X Advances


Preparation: see Team Battle checklist on the Clan website: click here

Team selection: Initial priority given to those who have participated in Team Training, remaining places by rotation if necessary

If you are in Reserve have your tank selected and ready for battle right up to battle start in case a team member's web crashes

Order of Battle: There will be no breaks for random battles. Any spare time between battles will be taken up with a Training Room session or a Skirmish prior to the briefing for the next battle

Battle timings: After the first battle of the evening battle times will depend on whether we have won or lost hence any time from 2 minutes or less to around 45 minutes


Responsibilities: Overall command decisions are the responsibility of the clan commander and deputy commander.

Upgrades and Bonus activation will be decided by Fiets

Battle command is in the hands of the Field Commanders, Fiets and Iksta

Who FCs each battle will be arranged by Fiets and Iksta in advance and booked by them

The decision as to which province to attack will be decided by the FC allocated to that time slot