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Frontline Battle Notes


The 2020 Frontline is a game mode which will be available for one week per month for four months, March, April, May and June 2020. Playing Frontline can bring large amounts of Credits and XP, Crew XP & Free XP. Your Victory Rate is not affected by Frontline battles. By using the methods below I acquired 100 million Credits and a very large amount of XP over 10 Frontline sessions in 2019.

Here are some guidelines on the benefits Frontline can bring you. They are what has worked for me, please contribute your own tips and comments to this post so Evolve clan members can get maximum benefit.

to gain Credits:

Be aware that Frontline rigs the Credits & XP earned in your favour compared to Random Battles.

Fire standard ammo only, it saves costs.

You only pay repair costs per tank, per battle, once so use as few of the same tanks in each battle and repair your tank regularly before it is destroyed to save costs and increase battling time.

Pay for one week's Premium time, you will increase Credits gained per battle greatly.

Use Credit Personal Reserves if you have them. They are still valid with one minute to run before battle start so, at approx. 25 mins per battle you can get 3 boosted battles per one hour PR or 5 per two hour PR so be slick in your battle turnarounds.

The higher the rank gained in a battle the greater the Rewards, capping and de-capping with "Engineering" gives the biggest boost, Damage and XP gained in the normal way.

Winning pays more than losing, balancing winning with damage to maximise benefit is tricky.

When you have reached the top allowable tier you can carry on to gain credits and XP, it would no longer be so important to gain rank, per battle, but you may want to do so to help your team.

to gain XP:

XP is rigged in your favour in Frontline mode.

As before, use Personal reserves for the XP you want, Battle XP, Crew XP, Free XP.

Cap/de-cap, use your usual methods for gaining XP as per Randoms.

Select tanks/crews that need XP boosts, a lot of XP can be gained in Frontline.


Each map has popular places to go in attack & defence.

If you don't know them ask a clan member who does.

Learn to read the map.

Learn how to use Artillery, Engineering, Smoke etc to maximum effect for each tank type.

Co-operate with team mates.

Watch the map for attack/defence moves from other zones

The zones are large, use the space to maneouvre & also create lanes of fire or vision.

If a zone is lost, make sure you are close enough to the border to have time to escape.

On each zone a basic plan would be to secure a flank and then cap or de-cap as appropriate.

Also, consider using a tank with a high standard pen. For example: Progetto 46, IS-3, etc...


Special game modes can be boring after a while so you may want to use one to further your aims in another direction, e.g. Using Frontline for getting credits for a tank or xp to help a crew for example or to enable you to fire Premium shells to increase your Victory Rate especially in a structured Platoon. In my case I used the 2019 Frontline to acquire the credits which allowed me to use Premium Ammo with Tactical Platoon techniques to increase my Victory Rate from 51.18% to 52.18% in 3 months at a cost of 1.14 million credits. An example of a campaign being used to achieve a further aim.

Please contribute your own tips and hints.