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Getting Started

Whether you are brand new to this game / clan or are an experienced player, we are here to help ensure you have the best experience. Once accepted in to our Clan you will be given the Rank of "Recruit". After you have been in the Clan and active for 30 Days you will be promoted to "Private".

New players often struggle to find the spot they fit in to. First and foremost you need to be in Teamspeak!  Being in Teamspeak is Mandatory in our Clan. Our connection is ts3server:// or you may use

Once in Teamspeak a Clan Officer will assign you your tags. i.e.: Rank:Clan:Skirmish:Days in clan. etc. If you are visiting or playing with friends in our Clan you will be given a "Friend" tag which allows you to move around. Besides the normal rooms set up, as a member, you can also make your own rooms under "Platoons - Create Sub-Channel".

We encourage you to Platoon with other members, ask questions if you need help. Officers and Members are always available to help, just ask.

Almost daily we fire up Skirmishes, mainly in the evenings and play Tier VI with 7 players or Tier VIII with 10 players. The Battle Caller will tell you which tank they would like to see or many times they will start out saying bring a Medium or Heavy.

Playing in Skirmishes does not affect your WR (Win Rate) or WTR (World of Tanks Rating). You do earn credits, base XP and Crew XP.

Unless we are in an Advance / Clan Wars battle we will never tell you to use premium consumables, but in battle they can help.

In this site we have sections that help on tank set up and how you should train your crew. Many of these variables depend on which tank you are using. Some tanks even of the same class can be set up differently depending on what you are trying to accomplish, i.e.: Passive or Active.