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Light Tanks

Light Tank Battle Notes

this is a massive subject. These are some brief notes on key points and what works for me - mikeknispel


Main tasks:

active spotting

passive spotting

kill enemy scout

defend artillery

kill artillery

kill weak enemies

support team mates

spot at the end game


Key Attributes:





Select crew skills and equipment to suit the tank, given that some lights are more manoeuvrable than others.


Key choices:



camo net

6th sense (use a directive if necessary)

clutch braking

off road driving

brothers in arms


Battle plan:

assess make up of own/enemy team

check map

assess situation

make decision





spot the enemy

use terrain wisely

always have an escape route

move/hide, probe, look, support

always go stealth after being spotted

be able to drive forwards whilst looking backwards

learn map positions/routes

do not get hit

learn bush mechanics

learn spotting mechanics

be aware where enemy scouts may be