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Recommended Vehicles - Team Battles

TEAM BATTLES/CLAN WARS recommended vehicles

TEAM BATTLES/CLAN WARS recommended vehicles


Team play benefits from having groups of the same tank. They move at the same speed, use the same tactics and are simpler for the Field Commander to handle. You need to possess, as a minimum, a heavy or medium from the Priority List and be familiar with playing it.


Priority List. You need to possess the following tanks first, if you have sold them please re-buy them, then tanks from the General List and then tanks you think may be useful.

Tier VI: T34/85, T34/85M,  Cromwell

Tier VIII: Heavy - IS-3,  Medium - Pantera/Progetto

Tier X: Heavy - Obj277/IS-7,  Medium - Obj140/Obj 430U


Experienced Clan members can be very helpful with advice on how to grind a line faster or how to drive a particular class of tank so please do not hesitate to ask them.

Light tanks can be critical to the success of the battle so if you are an expert Light Tank driver or want to become one please let the Clan commander know.


General List

T6 Skirmishes:

Light Tanks = T37, Type 64

Medium Tanks = Cromwell/Cromwell B, T34/85 or T34/85 M

Heavy Tanks =KV-85, T-150, O-I


Note: Heavy Tanks are not really played in T6 but depending on the FC's style of play they may like to bring a few.


T8 Skirmishes:

Light Tanks = EBR 75/Lynx, LT-432, WZ-132, M41

Medium Tanks = P.44 Pantera / Progetto 46, or T-44 / T-44-100

Heavy Tanks = IS-3, Obj.252U, Caernarvon/Caernarvon AX

Heavy Tanks = VK 100.01 (P) or , AMX 50 100, Somua SM, AMX M4 45, T26E5


T10 Skirmishes/Clan Wars:

Light Tanks = EBR 105, T-100 LT

Medium Tanks = Obj.140, Obj.430U, Obj.907, Progetto 65, B-C 25t

Heavy Tanks =  Obj.277 / IS-7, S.Conqueror, T95/FV4201 Chieftain, Maus/E100, Type 5 Heavy

+ for Clan Wars

Tank Destroyers = T110E3, Obj.268 4, FV215b(183), FV4005, Jg Pz E 100

SPG: G.W. E100, Obj.261, Conqueror GC, T92 HMC