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Recruitment Officer

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Becoming a Recruitment Officer can be a very rewarding opportunity.

First you need to like to chat with players in game. If they are not part of another clan, find out if they would have interest in being part of a team. Do they like to platoon? Would they like to experience playing in Skirmishes / Advances?

Bring them into our Teamspeak and give them a tour of where we operate. Introduce them to other players, new and veterans alike.

If they look like a fit to be part of what we are, ask them to join. Send the invite and assign them their tags in Teamspeak.

On paper it looks like an easy task, but in reality it is a numbers game. You may chat to 15-20 players before you find one that truly would like to be part of a clan.

Some days you may get no one who has interest, other days everyone wants to learn more.

Lastly you must stay in contact with the Clan Commander. You are his/her right hand man for bringing new blood in the clan! Ensure you have his directives and directions for recruiting.

Recruiting quality players is not sending out mass invites to players who you have not chatted with.

Contact any senior clan officer and request to become a Recruiter!