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How to Earn Gold




The primary aim of our clan in the Stronghold is to prepare Clan Reserves. Clan Reserves fall into two groups: Continuous-Effect Reserves and One-Time-Effect Reserves.

Continuous-Effect Reserves allow all clan players except Reservists to earn more credits and experience in battles.

Battle Payments Tactical Training Additional Briefing Military Maneuvers
+10–150% to credits in Clan and Tournament battles; +5–30% in Random and Ranked battles +5–100% to Combat Experience in all battles +50–400% to Crew Experience in Clan and Tournament battles; +25–300% in Random and Ranked battles

+50–500% to Free Experience in all battles

One-Time-Effect Reserves boost the earnings of Industrial Resource—a special in-game currency that our clan uses to develop our Stronghold.


For more information on Reserves and the bonuses they provide, see the Reserves section.

Before a Reserve can be used, it should be prepared first. To prepare Reserves, our clan builds structures in our Stronghold (see Structures for more details).

The level of a structure is a crucial indicator that determines the level of a prepared Reserve. The higher the Reserve level, the more bonuses it provides to players. To prepare high-level Reserves, clans have to upgrade structures, i.e. raise their levels.

To build and upgrade structures, as well as prepare Reserves, clans use Industrial Resource () which can be earned in the Stronghold battle modes—Skirmishes and Advances.


Fighting in the Skirmish or Advance modes also brings credits and experience to players.

Skirmish is a Standard battle against a random enemy detachment. In a Skirmish, clans aim to win the battle in order to earn as much Industrial Resource as possible (for more details, refer to the Skirmishes section).

Advance is a series of battles for the enemy Lines and the Citadel.

The primary aim of clans in an Advance is to capture the enemy Citadel. If neither of the Citadels is captured, the clan that has more Lines under control wins the Advance.

Clans earn Industrial Resource both for each battle fought and each Line captured. The more Lines a clan controls, the higher the reward is at the end of the Advance (for more details, see the Advances section).

Clans can use One-Time-Effect Reserves to increase the amount of Industrial Resource earned in Skirmishes and Advances.

High-Capacity Transport Requisition Airstrike Artillery Strike
+5–200% to Industrial Resource in Skirmishes and Advances per battle +5–200% to Industrial Resource for the results of an Advance +5–200% to Industrial Resource in Skirmishes and Advances per battle

+5–200% to Industrial Resource in Skirmishes and Advances per battle

The amount of Industrial Resource clans earn in battles impacts on the level of development of the Stronghold. The more Industrial Resource clans invest in their Strongholds, the more bonuses they get from Reserves and the higher their earnings are in the coming battles.


How Players Earn Gold in the Stronghold

Players can earn gold by taking part in War Games.

War Games is a Stronghold competition where clans can be awarded gold and high-level XI and XII Clan Reserves. Clans can take part in War Games every Saturday.

During War Games, clans earn points for certain achievements—for example, for each enemy vehicle destroyed. Depending on the number of points earned, clans take positions in the ranking. The position determines the amount of gold and Reserves the clan gets as a reward. The clan that occupies the first position grabs the top prize which can be, for example, 10,000 and six level XII Continuous-Effect Reserves (see War Games for more details).

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What Permissions Clan Players Have in the Stronghold

The Clan Commander and Executive Officers are responsible for Stronghold development, namely for building and upgrading structures.

See the table below to view the permissions of all clan players in the Stronghold.

Build and upgrade structures                  
Prepare Clan Reserves                
Activate Continuous-Effect Reserves              
Enable One-Time-Effect Reserves in the detachment window before a Skirmish or Advance (available only to the Detachment Commander)              
Withdraw Commander permissions from any clan player, including those of a higher position              
Get bonuses from the Continuous‑Effect Reserves  
Get bonuses from the One‑Time‑Effect Reserves
Activate Airstrike and Artillery Strike in battle (available only to the Detachment Commander)
Create detachments in Skirmishes and Advances
View the Stronghold Storage and Log
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