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Submitted by Mike on 12, May 2020

A fresh Tier X Clan Wars Campaign will be starting soon, probably in July and Clan Evolve will be taking part. There will be individual and clan rewards to be won including prestige tanks. The Campaign will last for 10 nights with the first main battle at 6pm UK/7pm CET and more main battles on the hour until 9pm/10pm. A main battle won will mean a follow up battle, or more, to play within the hour. Main and follow up battles mean the evening can be very busy and it is best if we can have 2 teams of 15 players each to maximise the rewards.


Taking the survey will help the Clan plan the teams, requirements and exercises needed to gain the most points to have the best rewards for members and clan:

Any queries/clarifications/suggestions, please contact mikeknispel

Do you want to take part in the next Clan Wars Campaign?
We have a need for good Scouts. Would like to be one or be trained to be one?