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Team Battle Checklist

For Team Battles, new sub head "Team Battle Checklist"


Team Battle Checklist



Listen to the Field Commander

Keep comms clear, important messages only

If you speak be brief and identify your tank/position and use map clicks if needed

Use F7 key if you are spotted

Carry a Repair Kit, 1st Aid Kit and Fire Extinguisher

Have Range Circles on your map & understand them

Enemy tags should include tank type and remaining hit points not percentages



Move together as a group

If told to push in do NOT stop, Focus Fire on weakest enemy, make your shots count

Look around between shots

If low health seek cover using team mates, dead tanks or the enemy


Post battle
After battle review your fired/hit/penned stats and think if they should have been better - lacking pens in long range sniping/suppression, no problem. Brawling and lacking pens - Problem.

Do homework, use the "" website 'compare' function to learn where to pen any enemy tanks you've had problems with.


If you can think of items which should be on the list please send a message to the clan commander.