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Team Training is essential to performance on the battle field. Being able to know and execute movements, maneuvers and focus fire in a reliable time can mean the difference in a win or defeat.

During our team training and exercises we strive on navigating your options and devising your skills development strategy! Every week, new training is conducted with members and guests of our clan. With a crawl-walk-run mentality, we explain all exercises in detail allowing everyone to practice. During many of these training sessions we end the training time with live fire against each other to put the lessons learned into practical use. These lessons can be used in your everyday Random Battles, but are primarily used in Team Battles such as Skirmishes and Advances.

Practicing lesson modules ensures that movements and engagements are used to the best of your ability on the battle field. The Field Caller has less to do when players understand his instructions. Many lesson plans come from Battle Experience in Team Battles we participate in.

Join us every Wednesday at 7:30pm (UK time) in our Teamspeak Channel Training!