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Training Notes 17 Mar 2020


Trainer: mikeknispel. Setup Map: Ghost Town  Tanks: see **



THE AIM OF THIS IS TO HELP US TO WIN, by being here, you want to win.

Style of this training is mainly Telling, if not sure ASK, will be covered then or noted & later.

Auftragstaktik vs Befehlstaktik - explain, as applies to team members.

Attendance at Training & Skirmishes has been very good - thank you & shows demand so I want Skirmishes to be very regular, most nights if possible. Rotation works. They are preparation/training for Clan Wars & Clan War rewards. If one has not been set up then do it yourself, the setter-up does not need to lead.

Team Work is the key target. Team Battles are NOT Randoms. Humour & professionalism are key.

Criticism is to be essential only & NOT personal.

Stats in the regular game are not affected by Team Battles. Credits, XP and missions are.

Ability - yours will improve, help others do the same, we are a TEAM.

To Win we need to do the little things right, if we do more right than the enemy we win. We JUST lose a lot of battles now. Let's turn them to wins.


LIST: basics, but not everyone will know all of these:

Fire std ammo, gold for Clan Wars

Range Circles - enable them, Max Draw/Max poss view/actual view

Tags - tank type, hit points

Chatter to minimum, state tank type & location/ ping map

Spotted? use F7, be aware F5 "Affirmative" looks the same to a Field Commander

Carry Repair, 1st Aid, Auto Extinguisher (not compulsory per se but if the lack causes failure....)

Listen to the Field Commander, remember locations (map ref); do as instructed immediately & together; be in good micro location; use initiative; do NOT be unnecessarily spotted (IS-3 on ridge - I'm spotting! - not good)(Light - I see enemy coming, oh, I'm dead - not good)

Move*1 as a group, form & re-form correctly

Pushing In*2 - share hits received - do NOT stop - focus fire

Focus fire*3 - call target, head out, look around, MOVE if needed, be difficult to hit if one shot, don't stop for long

Make shots count*4 - biggest single reason for our losses - Targeting is a training subject

Brawling training*5

Learn Autoaim, its strengths and weaknesses

After Battle - self train, check your fired/hit/penned, not good - suppression, distance or failure?

Self Training System - you do, you teach, therefore you have to analyse and explain what you do, when solo - train yourself to the same criteria. So, do the same here, you've been trained, so self correct.

Checklist -

The Training Notes on this will form an article in the Team Battle section of the Clan website



*1 Move as a group, form, re-form. Field Commanders be CLEAR where a group should stop

*4 & *5: Making shots count & Brawling training: Tonight's subjects

Demo group** - IS-3, Defender, Caernarvon, Super Heavy, Centurion, T54 Mod 1, Progetto, Light

Autoaim/Not Autoaim

When to Aim, when to Sniper Aim

Stop or not, accuracy gain, don't stay stopped, easy target, explain soft stat 8 second reticle V/Stabs

Wait to fire or 11 seconds wasted, drive to where you can pen. Better ace hit than waste time.

Front/angle to enemy

Being circled/attacked from rear - Autoaim, increase radius, turn hull as well as turret, snipe if necessary

Look around between shots

Shield & Hide

Kit - Rammer, V Stabs

Specific tanks & how to pen them

Team Morale is vital:

Win = complacency, Loss = personal depression & hostility to other parties. Troops to mates & FC, the FC to the rest. NO, WE DID IT WRONG. How do WE correct that?


Field Commanders:

CW maps can be chosen in advance?

If so - FCs to work out strategies for particular maps & tell me and troops what they are so we can practice them in a training room, positions, travel points etc


These are my working notes used in the training session, not all items were covered in sufficient detail in the time available and should be re-visited in future sessions. In the meantime I would be happy to cover any of the above on a request basis, in a training room.

mikeknispel January 2020