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Training Notes 30 Jan 2020

TEAM BATTLE TRAINING: Medium tanks, Moving & Combat Trainer: mikeknispel. Map: Various


Demonstration & practice, keep points raised short, longer ones for later. Remember the principle is more important than the fine detail at this point.



Designed to instill basic methods of movement and fighting for medium tanks in Team Battles.

The group normally has no appointed leader so following basics and using initiative is vital.

All classes in a Team Battle are important, each has their own style.


Initial movement to position:

Fix Field Commander's directed location, can help to use map ref.

Relative speeds - note what they are, grouping up may not be necessary at this point in the battle.

Use cover.

Positioning on arrival - hidden or firing? Dispersed or grouped? Route to cover if spotted? View range and field of view.

Do not get hit, it is too early to lose Hit Points.

If combat from that position use standard tactics.

Practice - click map, go there (observe)


(FCs' note - be clear whether the directed location is fixed or moving forward, hidden or visible. If a medium has really good view range using that is a viable tactic).



Move as a group, form up, keep together using pre-determined speeds already noticed. (speed adjustment methods)

Use cover, keep together, determine priority - secrecy or speed?

Positioning on arrival - intention static and/or hidden or attack formation? If no instruction always default to hidden.


Practice - form/move, re-locate, deploy + practice same under scout watch.


(FCs' note - allow time for Mediums to form up and deploy, be clear on intention)



Speed is a major advantage - surprise and making yourself a hard target to hit/pen.

A medium can damage any tank it will meet, learn where for each enemy tank type.

Use that to determine whether autoaim or sniper aim is used - rough ground/movement will throw the reticle off.

Determine whether you will be brawling or slashing.

Focus firing is much more difficult for a Medium group. (Speed, Autoaim useful. Progetto reload times)

Keep your head out of the cockpit.

Teamwork is absolutely key. Notice who you are grouped with and adapt to suit them. In a series of battles try to stay as that group.

Assessment & initiative is key to successful Medium play.

Practice - live fire - down to 1 vs 1 if necessary


(FCs' note: try to keep the Medium group to the same personnel, barring rotation of course)


These are my working notes used in the training session, not all items were covered in sufficient detail in the time available and should be re-visited in future sessions. In the meantime I would be happy to cover any of the above on a request basis, in a training room.   mikeknispel January 2020